Res ad Triarios venit.

Thanks for joining me!  As the sun sets on the Middle East, I embark on a new endeavor, the future of which remains uncertain.  The Triarii were elite soldiers in the Roman army, the elder, more experienced soldiers in the legion.  They were considered the “last line of defense” in a battle, remaining behind the younger and more inexperienced soldiers.  If the battle was going poorly for the Romans, the Triarii were deployed, leading to the phrase, “res ad Triarios venit,” or, “it has come down to the Triarii.”  Having to commit the Triarii, often wealthy, influential citizens, in battle meant that the situation was dire and victory was necessary at all costs.

I have served in the United States military, been an armed, uniformed security officer, and worked in law enforcement.  As I obtained firearm instructor certifications through the NRA, I decided to offer firearms training to the general public.  This naturally led to a desire to be a more professional, knowledgeable instructor, and down the rabbit hole I went, reading books on violent confrontation, security, and personal protection from experts like Gavin de Becker, Massad Ayoob, Jeff Cooper, Dave Grossman, reading blogs from Active Response Training and Integrated Skills Group, watching the plethora of YouTube videos from channels like Active Self Protection and the Warrior Poet Society, getting training from SouthNarc.  In December 2017, I started Triarii Protective Services & Consulting, with the intent to offer protection services, firearms training, and security consulting using the skills and experience I’ve developed throughout my career.

I am by no means an expert, and forever a student.  However, I feel that my sharing life experiences and training can benefit others, that I can be another outlet for information about responsible carry, situational awareness, and a mindset of preparedness among the community of protection professionals and gun enthusiasts.  If my experience (or inexperience) can spark in others the desire to pursue knowledge, seek quality firearms and medical training, and be more responsible for their own everyday safety, then this blog will be a success.

At the time of this writing, I am working as a private security contractor in the Middle East, and content might be sparse at first.  I hope to hear from readers with suggestions for articles, discussions, and more that can keep the community engaged.

Safety is something that happens between your ears, not something you hold in your hands. — Jeff Cooper



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